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Ernst family history

The Ernst family history

Born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) Dr AH Ernst, a qualified medical doctor in 1927 decided to relocate his family to the distant shore of South Africa. Farming in those days started of with citrus, cattle, timber and vegetables. During the 1960’s his son Chicot Ernst was forced to take out all the citrus orchards due to greening disease, and the avocado and banana farming was born. As the third generation Dr. Andre Ernst’s big value contribution to the family business was the addition of the world-renowned avocado nursery. Today with him farms his 2 sons, Edrean Ernst and Zander Ernst.

Farm development

Ons visie

"Om waarde tot die familie-besigheid toe te voeg op 'n wyse van totale optimalisering van al die beskikbare hulpbronne ter skepping van welvaard vir gesonde ondernemingsgroei en tot die materiële en emosionele voordeel van alle partye op alle vlakke van die onderneming"


Ons missie

"Om te streef na top gehalte produkte met buitengewone produksie, deur elke taak met absolute passie en toewyding aan te pak"

Allesbeste boerdery, Allesbeste farming
Quality through passion

Quality through Passion

Our passion drives us to produce the best possible produce. We aim to implement the best farming techniques in assuring quality and maximum production assuring optimalisation on all inputs.

Farming with Avocados, Timber boerdery, Bananas and Litchi

What we farm with

The main production on the farms is Avocados. Furthermore, Granadillas, Timber, Bananas, and Litchi are produced.

Farming in and around the Tzaneen area
 Allesbeste Padstal, Allesbeste Farmstall
Farmers market and delicacies

The Padstal

Allesbeste Padstal was established in the late 1980's and the initial purpose of the "padstal" was only to sell produce from the farm to local people and tourists.

Since then Allesbeste Padstal has been rebuilt in the mid 1990's and was extended again shortly after to incorporate the second section of the building. Thereafter in the early 2000's the Ernst Family bought the shop from Willem and Margie Kleynhans, the original owners.

Products & Take away meals

Products & Take away meals

The Padstal stock a wide variety of assorted wines, homemade products, fresh fruit & vegetables to proud South African brands and imported products.
Call and collect for some of the most delicious meals or milkshakes.

Garden center

Garden center

Enter the Garden center through the gate right next to the Padstal and be blown away with the beautiful flowers.

The Garden center is stocked with a wide variety of plants and trees, from the most beautiful flowers to rare fruit trees.

Allesbeste kwekery, Allesbeste nursery
Research and development of Avocado cultivars

The Nursery

Allesbeste Nursery was established during the 1980's in the town Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa. The nursery has since been expanded numerous times and the end is not yet in sight.

Allesbeste does not only focus on its own success. Our aim is to help improve and develop the avocado farming industry in a sustainable manner. We are also actively involved in research and development as well as consultation. It is also through this active research that the nursery have succeeded in developing and releasing the Maluma avo as a promising, newly developed cultivar.

Avocado cultivar development

Nursery product list

This is a summary of the main scion and rootstock cultivars that we produce within the nursery, all in different combinations. Please note that these cultivars perform differently in different climatic conditions. For more information on which cultivars listed below are the best for your planned conditions, please contact our nursery manager - Abraham de Villiers.

Scion Cultivars:
Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Maluma, Lamb Hass, Ryan, Reed, Rinton, Edranol

Rootstock Cultivars:
Clonal: Duke 7, Bounty, Thomas, Martin Grande, Dusa, Velvick, Barr Duke, D9
Seedling: Zutano, Edranol

Micro-cloning of avocado trees


With our dedication to superior service and quality avocado trees we have excelled during the recent years to one of the leading avocado nurseries globally.

The nursery specialise in micro-cloning which is also one of our competitive advantages, as it provides an enhanced rooting system which improves plant performance due to better nutrient uptake. Our nursery is also preferred because of the uniform growth of our trees when they are planted out in the field.

Maluma avo
Maluma avocado cultivar developed by Allesbeste Nursery

Maluma avo

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The Maluma is a dark skinned cultivar with immaculate appearance and astonishing taste - researched and developed by our nursery. Its texture is smooth and ideal for any recipe. With a whole-hearted nutty taste it's a taste bud explosion! Some of this avocado's key characteristics are: small seeds with more flesh, purple-black thick skin, smooth and light fibre.

Annual Maluma symposium

Maluma symposium

Although this symposium was initially held solely as an information session to farmers, it has developed into a cross-platform information and networking symposium.
The main aim is to stimulate thought into what the modern agriculture environment brings about and, what farmers and other intermediaries can do to improve on the final product delivered to the consumer.

Maluma avocado information

Maluma blog

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This blog provides the viewer with views, opinions, statistics, research, knowledge. Further more, this blog focuses on providing information about this cultivar.

AH Ernst & seuns
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